About us

Jo Disley, the founder of Disley Marketing, has over twenty years Marketing and Communications experience working for, and with a range of organisations on a global basis. Her experience covers working with multi-national corporate organisations on a business to business basis all the way through to small to mid-sized companies wanting to appeal direct to consumers.  Having worked for full-service marketing agencies and clients, Jo has amassed huge experience representing organisations on both sides of the fence (client and agency side), a unique blend of skills ready to put to work for clients.



During her time working for a global pharmaceutical services company Jo led a geographically dispersed Marketing team with responsibility for global marketing strategy, corporate communications, public relations and the effective delivery of multiple marketing plans globally.

Jo’s approach to helping companies is based around strategic focus, collaborative working, honesty and professionalism.  Jo loves what she does and helping people in realising their business goals.   With extensive experience in marketing complex products or services and often within a regulated environment Jo and team understand what it takes to effectively represent organisations to realise their potential.

You are the epi-centre of everthing we do and having been in your shoes many times, we fully understand the everyday pressures and challenges you juggle and have designed our business around that very premise.

Disley Marketing is a high energy, hard-working company who are expert at what they do.  They design, develop and implement integrated programmes for organisations based on strategic imperatives. Their background in management, business and marketing means they take the time to understand the business and the needs of customers and business goals.  The company cares, and we want to make you successful.  You are at the epicentre of everything we do and having been in your shoes many times, we fully understand the everyday pressures and challenges you juggle and have designed our business around that very premise.

How Disley Marketing works with clients

We help companies strategically plan their marketing, articulate their offering and manage those activities to enable the organisation to grow.

Disley Marketing likes to work with organisations who would benefit from years of experience with planning, executing and evaluating effectiveness.   Organisations that appreciate the value of that experience, recognise they need help and are prepared to invest in their growth.  They can’t justify a full-time marketing resource, but they would benefit hugely from someone who can ‘steer the ship’.

As a company we value our client relationships based on a true partnership.  We work alongside you to focus on your long-term success.  We are confident that our services will deliver results, and those results will add value to your business.  Our aim is to allow you to do more.  Many of our clients choose to use our services on a retained basis, allowing them the re-assurance that they have a marketing expert to regularly navigate their needs, whilst they can concentrate on day to day activities.

Every project we undertake for you receives the same high-quality service levels and professional support;

  • Approachable and flexible

  • Regular meetings to ensure all project work is working but most importantly that it remains in-keeping with the ongoing needs of your business.

  • Regular performance analytics with robust improvement suggestions and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking.

  • First class project management and overall strategic counsel.

  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) – we work hard to ensure that all marketing communications we manage for you are harmonious, working with each other and are consistent in delivery.



Simply drop us a line or call using the number below.

  • 01244 560270
  • enquiries@disleymarketing.com



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