Bespoke Website v’s Themed Website

The World Wide Web was created in 1990 by CERN Physicist Tim Berners-Lee. Some of us here at Fortitude.Expert are old enough to remember life before the ‘tinternet’, although we’re not sure how we got through the day without Googling!

When working with our clients we often hear that they want a ‘modern website’ building. The term ‘modern’ can be very subjective, so when looking into a website project it’s good to know what you are asking for. Deciding on which type of website you require will depend on what you actually want the website to do.

A bespoke website is built entirely based on your needs, we can create custom designs, add multiple interactive features and build on a range of different content management systems. A bespoke website may consist of a fully-fledged dynamic website with a content management system or it may be a static micro-site used to give your company a web presence.

A themed website is always built using a pre-defined theme, this means there is less flexibility with the design. We can look at building custom features within a themed website, but there will always be limitations to what can be done with a theme. When it comes to themed websites, we will find a theme based on your needs, but there may be additional costs based on certain features you wish to add. Most of our themed websites are built on WordPress which has a whole range of themes and plugins which attempt to achieve a ‘bespoke’ feel.

A bespoke theme will always have a longer development time than a themed website, as it requires a developer to be hands-on and build all the components from scratch. Whereas with a theme the main components are already built in, meaning a shorter development time is required.

According to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey there are 1,805,260,010 (over 1.8 billion) websites. With such a competive marketplace your website really will need to stand out from the crowd and enage its users. 

Over 60% of people research businesses online before they make a purchase, so if your company doesn’t have a search engine optimised engaging website, regardless of what you do or how many employees you have, you are totally missing out.

Your website is your window to the world – so let us help you with your window dressing!