Marketers and agencies do not create brands, customers do!

A brand is the emotional and psychological connection a customer has with a business and its products and services. What we aim to do is to help you create an environment that encourages a relationship to occur between customers and your brand, and then nurturing that relationship once a connection has been made.

Every marketing channel that your business uses has the potential to encourage (or destroy) a customer’s relationship with your brand. In other word’s every time a customer interacts with your business – whether it through traditional advertising, the purchase process, customer service or post-purchase loyalty activities – there is the chance that the customer will walk away or become your biggest advocate!

Digital marketing is a fantastic environment for building a brand due to the vast array of digital channels available. However, there are many considerations when it comes to building your brand online. Creative presentation is the obvious one, but there is much more to it than that – a brand can be brought to life online through content, copy, tone of voice, the purchase process and more importantly the ‘experience’ customers have during their interactions with your brand.

We use Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to better engage your customers. We aim to ensure that all marketing communications and messages regarding your brand are consistent and carefully linked together – all the promotional tools that we use will work together in harmony. IMC wraps communications around your customers to develop an emotional and psychological connection that can be nurtured and developed, to build your brand and develop a lasting relationship with customers – keeping an existing customer is around 10% cheaper than the cost of acquiring a new customer!

Customers that are ‘loyal’ to your brand often further build your brand through positive Word of Mouth (WOM) communications – they leave positive reviews, recommend you to others and repeat their purchases for themselves or others.

The use of IMC will also enable your brand to stand out from competitors as a consistent, consolidated message has a better chance of cutting through the ‘noise’ of the 500+ marketing messages that bombard customers each day.

Our team at Disley Marketing will work with you to understand your business offering, so that we can fully integrate your marketing communications and build you a strong successful brand.